Caregivers Way

You must take care of you in order to care for those you love

The Caregivers Way is understanding that you absolutely must take care of your own physical, mental and emotional health in order to be at your best to care for those you love… whether that’s your children, an aging parent, a friend, or a life partner.
This means being willing to ask for – and receive! – help, assistance and support for your and your loved ones.


This nurturing package includes:

a 30-day subscription to “Daily Feel Good Tips” – useful, practical reminders of the little things you can do for yourself – and your loved ones – sent to you by email each day;

Three balancing, calming, Shin Dao Healing sessions to ensure you remain healthy and whole;

A once per week telephone check-in to ensure you are taking the time you need for you and to determine what additional support you require.


This nurturing package includes everything in the CARE for YOU package PLUS:

a set of Perfect Fifth tuning forks (and training in how to use them) to boost your immune system so you remain physically healthy;

weekly 20 minute mindfulness sessions to practise breathing and meditative techniques to keep the negative effects of stress at a minimum;

training in simple healing techniques to provide comfort for the person/people you are caring for.

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